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About Us

At Cabins Surrounded by Greenery, you are invited to tune out of your daily routine and tune into yourselves and nature.
Cabins Surrounded by Greenery operates four cabins in the heart of a 3-acre orchard offering a harmonious blend of fruit trees, herbs and a variety of wild and decorative flowers.
The cabins are well spaced, each offering complete privacy. They are made of stone, offering a pleasant and aesthetic design where simplicity and the open spaces are the main experience.
We invite you to sit on the balcony overlooking the beautiful landscape or one of the special corners of the orchard and just bond with nature and enjoy its soothing qualities.
It may sound like a cliché, but an endless array of birds will perform gently tunes in the background, so much better than Twitter tweets.
A central deck will enable you to enjoy a shared meal, if you have reserved the entire facility (and even if not).
In addition, Cabins Surrounded by Greenery are animal friendly and your pets are most welcome to vacation here too.


Pine Tree House

Pine Tree House faces the orchard and its balcony overlooks the large expanses and leads to the Jacuzzi located within the orchard as well.


Hibiscus House

The Hibiscus cabin is designed as a young and intimate space with a Jacuzzi and private outdoor balcony overlooking the garden.


Olive House

Olive House is located at the eastern corner of the facility, facing the garden. Its balcony offers an outdoor Jacuzzi and pleasant seating area.
Recommended – A book, quiet and nature.


Pecan House

Private and equipped with a warm Jacuzzi on the balcony, the Pecan House is a cabin located within the garden, surrounded by greenery and promoting a sense of serenity.



Our fifth Zimmer is really coming into being these days and we are excited and waiting …
There is no doubt that from here it will be very difficult to return to normal … More details below

The meals of a house in nature

Cabins Surrounded by Greenery offers a variety of meals on site and in the area.
Guests who wish to have breakfast, can order it to the cabin or request a picnic basket to take on a trip. Dinners made up of a rich and diverse menu can be prepared by an excellent cook in the Moshav, who will be more than happy to serve you in the cabin. A special Galilean dinner is available for a minimum of six diners, including an assortment of Lebanese dishes including mulukhiyah, endives, mejadra, mansaf and fresh salads prepared by a cook from Jish.
Details available on site.
All meals can be adapted to vegetarian and vegan requirements.

Breakfast or homemade dinners can be ordered in advance.

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